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Pickwicks anywhere

I am busy again adding more Pickwicks to the data base ready to upload to the website.

I am adding more American Pickwicks at the moment.  Rick Pickwick has been a great help and has renewed my enthusiasm for my one name study.


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3 thoughts on “Pickwicks anywhere

  1. Gary Pickwick on said:

    Hi, I stumbled across your site by accident and have found it very interesting, thank you! My name is Gary Allan Pickwick son of Allan Joseph who was the son of Joseph and Emily Pickwick (nee Alvey). I know my father has been looking at the family tree but don’t know if he has contacted you? I guess he has not as I see that under Jo and Emily only Maureen is mentioned! If either I or Dad can offer you some further info please feel free to contact me via e-mail.



    • Hi Gary, thanks for posting a comment here. I am always excited when I make contact with a Pickwick LOL. I will be contacting you in the next day or so.

      • Gary Pickwick on said:

        Wow, I have been by the iPad not expecting a reply for ages! Really looking forward to conversing with you!

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