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Pickwicks outside the UK

I have spent a long time searching on the find my past site for Pickwicks outside the UK. I was hoping to find answers to my questions about the Australian Pickwicks.  I have found yet more Pickwicks in Australia and some of my questions have been answered but now I have even more questions.

I have found some Pickwicks in American newspapers and they answer some of my questions.

All in all a good day then apart from the site getting slower and slower.


Pickwicks in Australia

I have been busy adding some Australian Pickwicks to my data base. I am hoping to add more in the next few days and then update my website.

I have known about Beulah Pickwick for a couple of years. I am sure there must be descendants still living in Australia. I feel sure that most of the Pickwicks I know about in Queensland are related. Who was the orignal Pickwick ancestor for this group?

I am hoping to find some answers to my questions on the findmypast site this weekend.

I would love to hear from any Pickwick living in Australia or New Zealand.

American Pickwicks

I have added Robert Holley Pickwick to the data base. He was the son of Walter E Pickwick and Laura A Holly.  Robert was a patrolman (policeman to any UK readers) in New York.  Sadly he died in an accident in 1960 at the young age of 37.  I know he left a widow, Ingrid and two children (names not known yet).  I wonder if there are any descendants out there somewhere?

Pickwicks anywhere

I am busy again adding more Pickwicks to the data base ready to upload to the website.

I am adding more American Pickwicks at the moment.  Rick Pickwick has been a great help and has renewed my enthusiasm for my one name study.


Fanny Pickwick

This afternoon I looked again at the marriage of a Fanny Pickwick to James Sweeting in London in 1787.  Who were the parents of Fanny?  The witnesses were not family members so no easy clues.

I looked at the likely candidates and found Fanny, daughter of Elias Pickwick and Esther (Stout).

I then searched the LDS site (familysearch) and found that James and Fanny Sweeting had some children baptised in London.  One was a daughter named Esther.  This was circumstantial evidence that I had the correct Fanny Pickwick.

I then searched findmypast for any Sweeting burials in London. I found a burial for Fanny Sweeting in 1802, age 36.

The age at burial is a perfect for Fanny Pickwick daughter of Elias and Esther.

I am always happy when things come together.  I am going to add this marriage to my database now.

Pickwicks in America

I have now entered all the Pickwicks in the 1910 American census.  I have entered all the Pickwicks I could find in any American census before 1910.  I am now working on the 1920 census.

It is interesting to see the change in naming patterns.  The Pickwick generation who emigrated from England to America as children have married by 1920.  This generation started naming their children with names that are not common in England, eg Lester, Erskine and Madeline.


I have just added the 1900 census info for Edward and Harriet Pickwick and their three children into my database.  They were living in Ashburnham Street, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts.

I have had a quick “walk” up Ashburnham Street via Google maps.  It looks very nice with trees and beautiful houses.  I wonder what it looked like in 1900.

Pickwick in America

I have made a start with the Pickwicks in America.  I am adding census information and hope to get this uploaded to my website soon.

John Pickwick Homechild

John Pickwick, age 15, was sent from England to Canada in August 1911.

I can’t find this child in England in 1901 or 1911.

Another puzzle to solve!


I am conducting a one name study for the surname Pickwick.  I have registered the name with the Guild of One Name Studies.

I am trying to make a family tree or trees for all Pickwicks.  I have a website which is a work in progress.




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