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Pickwicks in America

I have now entered all the Pickwicks in the 1910 American census.  I have entered all the Pickwicks I could find in any American census before 1910.  I am now working on the 1920 census.

It is interesting to see the change in naming patterns.  The Pickwick generation who emigrated from England to America as children have married by 1920.  This generation started naming their children with names that are not common in England, eg Lester, Erskine and Madeline.



I have just added the 1900 census info for Edward and Harriet Pickwick and their three children into my database.  They were living in Ashburnham Street, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts.

I have had a quick “walk” up Ashburnham Street via Google maps.  It looks very nice with trees and beautiful houses.  I wonder what it looked like in 1900.

Pickwick in America

I have made a start with the Pickwicks in America.  I am adding census information and hope to get this uploaded to my website soon.

John Pickwick Homechild

John Pickwick, age 15, was sent from England to Canada in August 1911.

I can’t find this child in England in 1901 or 1911.

Another puzzle to solve!


I am conducting a one name study for the surname Pickwick.  I have registered the name with the Guild of One Name Studies.

I am trying to make a family tree or trees for all Pickwicks.  I have a website which is a work in progress.




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