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I have added Robert Holley Pickwick to the data base. He was the son of Walter E Pickwick and Laura A Holly.  Robert was a patrolman (policeman to any UK readers) in New York.  Sadly he died in an accident in 1960 at the young age of 37.  I know he left a widow, Ingrid and two children (names not known yet).  I wonder if there are any descendants out there somewhere?


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2 thoughts on “American Pickwicks

  1. Linda Cosby on said:

    Robert Pickwick’s children were Robert (Bob) and Heidi. Last I heard from Bob was in 2006, he was living in Deer Park NY. His sister Heidi was in Plainfield, NJ, but I do not know if she was married. Robert Holley Pickwick was a second cousin of mine.

  2. Thanks very much for this information. I am pleased to hear that the Pickwick name lives on in that branch. Is their mother still alive? If not do you know when she died?

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